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Re: Shed Was Down

Postby GuillermoBarrancos » Tue Apr 01, 2014 8:24 am

30 hours of downtime for the entire provider is inexcusably long. Almost like they didn´t care, because it´s weekend and just waited till sunday late evening to go back to the Office and hit the switch again. Guess they never heard of weekend shifts and support.

This also explains why I suddenly couldn´t reach your site anymore (with DNS issues) yesterday during the day (it worked in the morning).

If the entire provider has been down for 30 hours. It means their DNS servers have been down for the same amount of time.
TTL of DNS records on the large DNS servers on the internet is 24 hours, so on some of these servers the record expired and got deleted, because the provider DNS servers couldn´t be reached for renewal.
So then you get in a state that some DNS servers still haven the DNS record and some don´t. Hence, why lots of people could still reach the site yesterday and some (including me) did not.

This usually resolves itself again within 24 hours. Which it did. As problems are gone now. :)

Good Luck trying to find a New provider. I know all about it and had my fair share of provider issues in the past.
Especially when the provider you are leaving from ain´t cooperating in transfering DNS records to the new one. Ugh.... getting DeJaVu here. :(

The provider I have now, is the company I work for myself now. Much more relaxing. When I have a problem, I just know who to contact directly and have it resolved quickly. Which so far (in nearly 3 years) has been needed only once (site got hacked due to Worpress vulnaribility 2 years ago and they had to restore my site)!
They also do automatic daily backups, so I don´t have to worry about that myself either.
After all the stress I had in the past with "sertain" providers.... this is a breath of fresh air for me.


PS. If you are interested in my provider. Drop me a PM. They aren´t the cheapest, but at least here in Norway you get unlimited bandwith (fair use policy). You just pay for services, like Domains and disc space.

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