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Re: M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy

PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2021 2:12 pm
by peter shah
carastro wrote:Great results Peter.

Ouch regarding the watermark. Will you be able to get this sorted out at some point? Obviously this is in Spain and you are in the UK, but as some point?

Yes Carole , I have tested and set up an FLI Kepler KL-4040, Hoping to get out in a few weeks....fingers crossed

Re: M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 11:03 am
by Demon
Absolutely amazing.
Yes the main image is absolutely fantastic but I still really love the tiny little galaxies that you get that most will never see along side it.
Think I need to move to spain, too damp up here. Roughly how many good nights would you say the instruments gets a month?
I was hoping to gradually get my monster mount up to that level but I'm slowly realising there's little point up here. Heading smaller and wide field where it is easier and much more foregiving, as it doesn't look like my sky will rarely allow much better. Putting motors on my little eq3/