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Re: Health Issues & More

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 1:20 pm
by teslar
Wow very sorry to hear you’ve both been so ill. Hopefully your recovering fully. Thanks for all the help you’ve given me and many others Dion.
I’ll miss the shed even though I only visit it a few times recently

All the best mate, look after you and yours



Re: Health Issues & More

PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 5:51 am
by thymelord
So sorry to hear of your health problems and it's understandable your reasons for stepping down,all these years we have gained yours and other members knowledge it' been a great learning curve for the astro society as a whole and you will be sadly missed but not forgotten.
thanks for the ride Per ardua ad astra
eric (thymelord)

Re: Health Issues & More

PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2021 5:59 pm
by len2377
Just starting out on this astronomy journey and although I haven't contributed a great deal I have been very appreciative of all the information that resides here. It goes without saying that I hope you both fully recover, this Covid business is something else.
It would be a shame for the forum to disappear, is there no-one else able to keep it going?
Best Regards

Re: Health Issues & More

PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2021 10:26 am
by tonymacc
Wow, sorry to hear this Dion, I wish you and Mads well, you've kept the Shed going when others would have packed it in ages ago. The shed was a great help in my early days and made some good friends along the way, some even taking the time to personally help whether it be teamviewer or over the phone, ( probably wouldn't get that on the other forum I shall not mention :stick: ) and the chat box was brilliant, spent some time in there :lol:

All the very best to yourself and Mads :notworthy:

Re: Health Issues & More

PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2021 6:10 pm
by Dion
Bloody hell, seeing some blasts from the past in this thread.

Re: Health Issues & More

PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2021 9:37 am
by julianr
Yes Dion it shows how much your videos and forum has influenced our hobby, we all thank you and wish both yourself and mads all the best

Re: Health Issues & More

PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2021 11:44 pm
by pixelsaurus
Hi Dion,

I was deeply saddened when I was informed of your plight.

It will be a sad day when you finally shut the doors but thanks for proving the wonderful service that is The Shed. I have enjoyed the ride and wish you and your other half all the best.

Be well cobber.


Re: Health Issues & More

PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2021 8:18 am
by pfitzgerald
Dion - I am so glad to hear that you and Madeleine have both made it through COVID - I also hope and pray that your ongoing recovery will be swift and complete.

I cannot thank you enough for setting up this website, your tutorial videos and advice in the forums. They have really helped with my own astronomical journey (which through various circumstances has been somewhat slow in recent times!).

May the next stage of life's journey enable you to do all the things that you and Madeleine would like to do.

Kindest regards and best wishes to you both - Paul

Re: Health Issues & More

PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2021 4:05 pm
by Dion
It's odd how many people know very little about covid yet are so vocal about it, it's a bit similar to sepsis in many ways, and I've had bad cases of both for some odd reason. Sepsis gave me hypothyroidism that I never had, an allergy I never had, and an odd issue where I over produce mucus and make what are known as 'plugs' because it sort of plugs your respiration, its a bite like when people hock up a big lump of phlegm, excet with me it's a few times a day every day. Then the covid, not only the shortness of breath but odd things like skin starting to flake off your legs! The fuzziness with concentration that at its worst you think you're going senile until you discuss it with others and they have it too! At least I don't have covid finger lol, but am actually fine in myself and am certainly no sympathy seeker, things hit you and you just carry on, it's the northern way lol