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Light Vortex Astronomy has moved and changed!

PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:39 am
by Gib007
Hello all. I post this thread in order to get the word out that my website, Light Vortex Astronomy, has undergone some large changes. This used to run on Google Blogger but is now running on Weebly. The original blog has now been deleted and the new website has taken over. A .com domain name was also purchased and so the website address is now:

The old page-specific URLs will no longer work but so long as they point to the above website address, they will transfer you to the Error 404 page I set up on the new website. If however they point to the old address, you will be notified that the blog has now been deleted.

The following is a run-down of the current set of tutorials on Light Vortex Astronomy:

PixInsight Processing:
- Introduction to PixInsight and its Interface
- Pre-processing (Calibrating and Stacking) Images in PixInsight
- Preparing Monochrome Images for Colour-Combination and Further Post-processing
- Combining Monochrome R, G and B Images into a Colour RGB Image and applying Luminance
- Colour-Calibrating Images
- Producing Masks
- Noise Reduction
- Sharpening Fine Details
- Enhancing Feature Contrast
- Reducing Light Pollution Effects, Removing Gradients and Artificial Flattening

- Producing Deep Space Mosaics with EQMosaic and ASCOM​​
- Setting up an Equatorial Mount on ASCOM with EQMod, Stellarium and Cartes du Ciel
- Setting up and Using AstroTortilla for Plate Solving

Feel free to have a quick read of the welcome blog post that goes over where stuff is:

Enjoy! :)