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Dundee Astronomical Society

Postby oobydooby6065 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:16 am

Hi folks
This year is the 60th anniversary of Dundee Astronomival Society (DAS) and there are several events taking place to celebrate this occasion.

Our website has a list of these events and anyone interested is invited to come along. Some events are free whilst others cost a few pence for refreshments.

We will be taking part in events at the Dundee Science centre, and various outreach events including at the Mills Observatory where we are based. There will be a public talk at the Dalhousie Building on the recent gravitational wave discovery in June and a civic reception to mark our anniversary in August.

In September the DAS will be hosting a BAA weekend with some very big names in astronomy attending and including a visit to the Mills observatory.

Anyone interested and living in the area can find details on our website on the evnts page. A simple google search for dundeeastro will take you to the site.

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