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Postby Dion » Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:36 pm

Because the same questions come up on a regular basis I've decided to add a site issues FAQ, it may be a little short at first but I'll add to it further along the line.

1) Why do links on the site not open in a new tab or page?

Believe it or not, there are a set of rules on site design called 'compliance rules' and they say what is technically correct and what isn't. Stupidly IMHO it's not compliant to have clicked links open in new tabs :shock: Therefore, because this forum software is compliant, it doesn't. So, what you do is :-

a) RIGHT click a link and select from the menu "open in new tab"

b) if you have a scrollwheel mouse where the scroll wheel is also a push button (often known as mousebutton

c) if you press that when over a link, most 3 button/scrolling mice are set to open in new tab as default with that button. c) Hold Ctrl key on the keyboard and left click the link.

2) Why do sent private messages seem to stay in my outbox and not go to my sent items?

It's the way the PM system works, and once you understand it, it's actually good how it works. If you send a PM, it goes to your outbox, it will stay in your outbox until the person you sent it to opens it, THEN it will move to your 'sent items' box, so, it's actually a good way to check if the person you sent it to has read it.


The board sends PM's as an email as well, it used to just send an email saying you had a private message, but due to requests I made it send the message content by email too, BUT, really you shouldn't reply to the email by using your own email, the proper procedure is to click the link in the email and reply via the board, if you don't it creates problems.

3) How do i make my pictures appear in posts like in the imaging sections?

There is a tutorial on how to do just that here :-


(SEE FAQ No 1) ;)

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