first view of moon occulting a star !!

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first view of moon occulting a star !!

Postby Brutie » Sat May 23, 2015 2:17 am

Hi Everyone

Just on holiday in Florida this week and last night (21 May ) I managed a few minutes out with my binos.

After a few minutes moaning about the street lights I settled down to cast my eyes over the sky.....Venus dazzling but Jupiter revealed only one moon due to a little haze.

Highlight though was the beautiful crescent Moon with lovely Earthshine. A stunning sight. Even better was that the Moon occulted a star ! This was the first time I have witnessed this . I watched the Moon glide up to the star then in an instant the star was gone behind the unlit side of Moon. Wow !

As I don't have my planetarium software with me could anyone tell me what star this was ? The event was at about 21.45 US time so that's about 01.45 UTC on 22 May.

To top off this short observing session I spotted a meteor ☺



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