Ist Light Canon 15x50 IS

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Ist Light Canon 15x50 IS

Postby BlueAstra » Sun May 18, 2014 12:54 pm

Last night had the first opportunity to try out my nearly new Canon 15x50 image stabilized binoculars. The stabilization takes a little getting used to, I found the best method was to point at the target, switch on the stabilization, then tweak focus. The image is steady but not rock solid. It can move very slowly, like being on a gently swaying boat, but I found if you brace yourself minimise hand movement you can get a virtually stationary target. You certainly notice the difference when you switch it off! Rather surprised there are no objective lens caps, but you do get eyepiece caps. These fit best with the eye caps folded back, bit loose when extended. You also get a basic neck strap. The batteries are supposed to last a couple of hours (alkaline), a lot longer with Lithium; better get a stock!

I wear contact lenses and have quite bad eyesight without them. I found the star images pinpoint, but could flare a bit as you moved or focussed your eye. I have noticed this before and its down to the contact lenses flexing a little in the eye. I had no problem with the eyecups extended. I had better results with my glasses, but you had to get your glasses in the right place. If you push the binos closer, your glasses move and you had to refocus a little. Plenty of eye relief for glasses with the eyecups turned back. The fold stops just above the eyepiece lens so your glasses are protected. Unfortunately the focus range is not great enough for my eyes without contacts or glasses.

I started with Saturn, and I could just make out the rings as protuberances at the side. I now did my first ever star hop, and with the aid of Sky Safari on my iPad moved north to Zubeneschamaliand then carried on to two stars under M5: 6 Ser and 5 Ser. These pointed directly at M5, and I could just make it out as a 'smudge'. I then moved right at the same altitude to see a bright Mars. I relocated in the garden to look at Jupiter and could make out at least two moons, but it was a little hazy. Then moved again to take in Vega and a very red Eltanin just above it. The main treat is this region was to swing lower into the milky way and drink in the rich star fields. All this just standing holding the binos!

Well, needless to say I am very impressed with these binoculars. The night views are great (and I haven't mentioned the spectacular daylight performance). The stabilization works very well and I don't think I would consider anything else at this mag in the future. It makes using high mag binocular possible without tripods, a true grab and go!


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