Celestron G2 Upclose 10x50

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Celestron G2 Upclose 10x50

Postby stmech0 » Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:09 pm

It's been a while since I posted in this forum due to rekindling of a few old hobbies, including hill walking around the penines, this gave me the ideal suggestion of a Christmas gift idea when asked by my son.
A pair of bins is always handy when on the hill and I remember my first views of the pleiades when a lot younger through a cheap pair of 10x50's so the suggestion was made.

I mentioned Praktica since I knew at least their cameras were built like tanks and they had good optical performance for the price, so I waited.
Well I wasn't disappionted when I finaly handled these celestrons, first light came over the holidays when I drove up to Saddleworth moor in the foothills of the penines with my lad, complete with scopes and bins as we normally do at weekends hoping to catch some good seeing conditions after a good midnight walk, after half an hour my scope was wringing wet so we packed up and tried the binos.

I was startled at the results I got with these sub 35 GBP binoculars, (had a sneaky peek on Amazon). Stars were pinpoint, the orion nebula was very bright and sharply chiseled and after last weeks outing there were good views to be had of the moon, even though most was washed out with it being almost full, there was a small section of limb cut off on the N.W. extremity, (terestrial view) that yielded some good contrasty edge detail of the craters.

These binoculars are very compact, certainly noticably shorter than my last pair and I was worried about increased C.A. and eye relief due to the shorter coupling but I never noticed any C.A. at all, really. I know Chinese optics have come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade or so but this doesn't make sense to me, I do believe that the choice of glass used for the prisms can help retrieve some stray wavelengths and reduce back focus but thats outside the grasp of my old brain, seems they got it just right.

All in all I would thoroughly recommend these Celestron G2 10x50's to anyone on a tight budget as far as performance and general build quality goes.

There are one or two flies in the ointment though of course which mainly affect usability rather than optical performance, I'm a make do and mend type so I'm used to fiddling around, others may find it more frustrating.

First, the eye relief is very small, eyes have to be positioned very carefully and steadily to avoid black-outs.
Second, no retractable eye cups, in fact small rubber rims on the eyepieces are shorter than the already small eye relief leading to some guessing as to optimal positioning.
Third, lens caps are a soft, silicony type of rubber, they seal perfectly against dust and moisture but pop off very easily with no tabs on them to secure with a lanyard.

Oh, almost forgot, there is a threaded barrel on the yolk for tripod adaptors.
Hope this mini review helps someone looking for a budget set, I'm really very pleased with mine.

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