Bino session 30/03/13

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Bino session 30/03/13

Postby RussDavies » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:01 am

Finally found M82 and M81 after about 1 year of looking(occasional glancing), I was determined not to let neck ache and cold hands get the better of me! I chose the lying on the garden wall method which successfully solved the neck ache. Set out before the moon rose, sky was nice and clear. Saw two feint patches of fuzzy light, HOORAY, I must have looked at that patch of sky several times before but tonight was my lucky night. Then had a look at favourite clusters M44 and Melotte 111 and found M3 and M53 for the first time and then the Moon rose. :)
Saturn looked like an elongated star so turned my 60mm scope to it at about 200x I could clearly see the rings It looked great but couldn't see the Cassini division, not sure if I need more mag or more diameter or both?!
Still cant find Panstarrs tried earlier on but no joy.
Russ (my smilies dont work) :(

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