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Postby Dion » Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:52 pm

Some will have noticed the paypal donate button appear on the site. However I kept quiet about it because I wouldn't feel comfortable with that, like those charity collectors who harass you at the entrance to supermarkets lol. Anyways, many people have urged me to do for a long time and I resisted, but after a few discussions I agreed to add one to the youtube channel as I did put a lot of work into it, and I don't get sponsorship from anyone, that will never happen as I strongly dislike the bias that a sponsorship introduces to a forum.

Anyway, the paypal donate button that youtube lets you add is extremely vague, possibly due to youtube being google and google and paypal not playing nice with each other, however I digress. So, further discussions persuaded me to add one to the site, but as I said, I kept quiet about it, that was the start of my dilema!

A couple of people donated, but paypal names and forum user names don't always tally, so I then felt guilty that I couldn't thank the donators (since I was saying nothing about the donate button)

So, after that epic, I'd just like to say thanks to those that have clicked that donate button, it's very much appreciated, so thank you.

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