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Postby BLACKDRAGON » Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:22 pm

I bought this book by Rod Mollisc in paperback form along with the "The Backyard Astronomer's Guide" which I bought in hard cover form. I was expecting that because the similar titling there would be little difference in content and aim of the books. In fact, they are, to me, completely different in their approach and style of writing to the subject of Astronomy.
"The Urban Astronomer's Guide" aim is to prove that there's plenty to see even in heavily light polluted skies, [from which I suffer], and encourages the reader to disregard the myths and opinions and try to use methods to see DSO's that they thought were impossible and more to the point...just try.
The author writes in a very personal realistic way and takes you through the various scopes, filters, practical ways to help a person using a Telescope of whatever size in light polluted conditions while not understating/overstating the problems. You then get taken on a tour of all the DSO's that the author has seen and recorded on observation sheets in what can be seen as "challenging skies". I read this book, and no doubt will read it again many times, and in doing so it gave me a feel good feeling and the encouragement we sometimes need to try to see those DSO's we thought we might not be able to in light polluted skies. It's a great book and one that will give even the experienced astronomer struggling with light polluted skies encouragement and maybe fresh determination to see those "hard to see" DSO. I really do recommend this book and hope others will read and enjoy it as I have.

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