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Hey guys!
Can you help us in a competition?

The situation is the following:
We are a group of 3 and we want to enter for a competition. It's about that we have to write 2 sheets of a celestial object. In this, we have to summarize the scientific and other reasons why did we choose this object. It should has scientific utility eg it could answer a question or it can be useful in the popularization of science. (Please don’t forget that we’re 14 to 16 years old active amateur astronomers so we don’t want to write at the quality of a professor! It has to be simple but great! ;) )
The first 3 placed team will get an hour telescope-time to take photo about this. The object can't be just a "dot", only a star or a dwarf planet on the picture (but mainly deep-space) and it should be interesting in scientific view. We wanted to choose Stephan Quintet and Deer Lick group, but we found that it was the winner some years ago. Now we don't know what to choose.

The main informations about the equipment:
-The telescope is a 600/900/1800 SC
-The chip is Apogee Alta U16 CCD-chip, 4k x 4k pixels
-The field of view is about 1,2’ x 1,2’
-The photo will be taken in Hungary, the observation of Piszkéstető (48° N 20° E) The object has to be able to seen in August from that place (it means the area maybe from Bootes to Aries) and it would be great if it was on a high altitude
-BVRI filters are available (it’s recommended to use for a coloured picture)

We were thinking about these types of objects:
-Galaxy clusters
-Interacting galaxies
-Supernova remnants
-Globular clusters (because we could define the age of the cluster)

If you are so kind and give us tips, it would be great if you could recommend something about the exposure time and the ISO for the object.
Thank you very much! :thumbsup:

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