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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:23 am
by jjb2011
Saturn is very low in the south and from my garden observatory it is in the trees and impossible to see. I took my 100mm F13 moonraker scope along with a Alt-Az mount into the hay field next-door for an observation session. Managed to get about an hour on the planet before the clouds came in at 10pm. Saturn is always a mesmerising sight, especially with a fully open ring system as we have at present.
The seeing looked surprisingly good for such a low elevation and it was easy to see the A and B rings. I think that I could also see the Cassini division but maybe I imagined I could see it - not sure. I used the Hyperion MK111, and found the best image was at 12mm (x110) rather than the highest magnification at 8mm.
Saturn takes almost 30years to complete an orbit so it will be another 15 years until Saturn is at its best from the UK !