Simultaneous Messier Marathon without borders

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Simultaneous Messier Marathon without borders

Postby bognart » Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:03 pm

Simultaneous Messier Marathon without borders


The Vega Astronomical Society (Zala County, Hungary) organizes a simultaneous Messier Marathon.

Date: 11/12 April 2015 (Saturday/Sunday night).

We plan to carry out our Messier Marathon this year on the weekend of 11/12 April, which is slightly warmer and usually the weather conditions are much better in our country in mid-April than in March. This is our reasoning why we shift it to April. The moon phase is acceptable (last quarter will be 3:44 UT on 12 Apr, 2015; from our observing place Moon will rise at 2:12 CEST). We are searching for interested amateurs, associations and clubs to join us! Wherever you live, if the sky is clear, we could do it together!

If you join, please send us your observation-report until 20 April, 2015 to our facebook-group called International Messier-Marathon. The report should contain the list of objects you have seen that night, sky conditions and your experiences as well as the type and size of your telescope and the magnification used. If you made sketching or photographs, please upload them to there.

We collect all kind of observations: list of objects seen, description of the view in short text, sketches and photos. You can be a beginner or an experienced amateur, just send us your report. It is a night that includes all the work of everyone and makes new friends.

All reports we get will be distributed among everyone who sent his/her observations.

The reports should be in English. Do not worry about your English, we polish them a little bit if it is necessary.

We published a report on the association's website, and Cloudy Nights forum and our Facebook page.

We plan to popularize astronomy and getting closer each other.

Contact persons:
Tamás Bognár (bognart(@) univerzumkepekben (.) hu)
Dr. Szilárd Csizmadia (zeta1 (@) freemail (.) hu)

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Re: Simultaneous Messier Marathon without borders

Postby patthehorse » Mon May 04, 2015 1:46 am

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