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WR134 HOO in Cygnus

PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:35 am
by carastro
WR134 in Cygnus.
Low for this time of the year, and was sinking fast, so had to capture over a period of 3 days in my severely LP location. The blue flash was really difficult to extract, in fact the entire image was difficult to process. Definitely one to repeat in dark skies.

Ha 20 x 600 Baader 3nm
Oiii 8 x 300 + 4 x 900 + 5 x 600 Baader 8.5 nm
RGB (for stars) 4 x 150secs binned in all channels.

Total 6 hours 20 minutes

WOZS71 & Atik460EX + x 0.8 FR