Moonrise, not for astrophotraphers

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Moonrise, not for astrophotraphers

Postby Aussiedave » Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:10 pm

I had a friend over this weekend at our dark site and took him through how to assess light pollution by comparing the number of stars you can see in Orion in sydney against what you can see at a dark site.

We also talked about how at dark sites clouds are black whereas in light polluted areas clouds tend to be white because of light pollution reflecting upwards against the clouds.

Anyhow, this evening I dropped all pretence at being an astrophotographers and watched the moonrise with Carolyn and my friend, looked at how clouds changed due to reflected light and showed my friend the impact of the moon on night skies by checking again how many stars you can see in Orion with the moon up......

One more week to go before the new moon...sheesh. Or as some people call it, Christmas...

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