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This section is only for the posting of actual tutorials, either single post or multiple, to ask questions or comment on a tutorial, please use the TUTORIAL DISCUSSIONS section where you will find a topic titled for each topic posted here, it just helps stop the topics becoming convoluted and lets the tutorials flow properly. If you post a tutorial, please also post a topic into TUTORIAL DISCUSSIONS with the same title.



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This is an index to the tutorials section, it's not alphabetical but each title below is a link, so you can click the list items and it will take you to said tutorial. Many thanks to WorcsPaul for the work he put into this. If someone adds a tutorial, please drop me a PM so i can add it to this index.

Guide to Choosing Your First Telescope
Basic Mount Setup For Beginners
Complete Setup From A to Z
Levelling, Alignment & More
Telescope Balancing Revisited
What's My Lat, Long & Alt?
Precise Polar Alignment with Alignmaster
Precision Finder Alignment
Accurately setting HOME on an EQ5 mount
GOTO Scopes & The Sun, Setting Up
Choosing Your First Scope - A Story Into Adventure!!

EQASCOM Polar Alignment Tool Procedure

Collimation Of Newtonians
Advanced Newtonian Collimation Idea
Fine Collimating A Fast Newt
Star Diagonals & Collimation
Cleaning Eyepieces
Synscan Firmware Flashing & More
Intes Alter D6 Mount Strip Down and Re-build
Squaring A Focuser
How To Clean Refractors
Newtonian Main Mirror Cleaning
Polarscope Reticule Centering & Mods
Polarscope brightness adjustment on HEQ5 Pro and NEQ6
Re-positioning polarscope reticule
Collimating A Laser Collimater

SPC900 NC Step By Step
Flash a Toucam/880 to SPC900NC
Correcting focal length - SPC900 and large dobs
Webcams, Mono and RAW
Toucam LX Mod In Pictures
Parafocal Webcam
Usage Of Long Exposure Modded Webcams
Two Webcams Simultaneously

QHY8L Cable Retainer
Newtonian Tips And Tweaks
Autofocuser To Quattro
HEQ5 Belt Drive Mod
ST80 Tips & Tweaks
SW70 Guide Scope
Orion SSAG & 50mm Guide Scope Tutorial with PHD Settings
Focuser inward travel
Newt Secondary Mod Revisited
Sun Filter Too Small For New Scope? No Worries
Skywatcher Crayford Mod
How Baader Hyperions Work
Center Spot A Primary Mirror
Finderguider Mod
Cable TIdy/Remote Data & Power Control Box
Telescope Data & Power Box
Polarcam is here
Trust Primo Polarcam
How To Assemble SW Guide Scope System Onto 150 PDS

Gliders Complete Autoguiding Tutorial
Remote Telescope Control
Nebulosity Review & Pre Processing Demo
Nebulosity and PHD
Drift Align Using PHD
Drift Align using EQAlign
Stellarium Ocular Plugin
Stellarium Scope Control

Image Acquisition
Inserting an image to a post
Astrophotography using a DSLR and Tripod (Part One)
QHY EZCap Tutorial
Imaging the ISS
Re-align a previous image capture using a reticule
Imaging over several nights
Image Mosaicing
Mosaics pt.2
Creating An Artificial Flat
LRGB Imaging - Basics
LX Webcam Orion Nebula - A full tutorial from taking your images, right through to processing
Sharpcap Long Exposure imaging
Sharpcap Lunar primer

Image Processing
Merging RGB in photoshop
Tonemapped Hubble Images pt 1
Tonemapped Hubble images Pt 2
Producing a starless image
Highpass filter with a star mask
Colour enhancement
Adding A false luminance in PS
Fixing Those Egg Shaped Stars
Gradient Removal
Superb Processing Tutorial
AviStack Planetary Processing
Registax Planetary Tutorial
Very Quick Regi 6 Primer
Webcam Deep Sky Processing
Align and Stack using Nebulosity
HiPass filter
Composing 2 images using layer mask
Plate Solving
Black Point and Neutral Background
Unsharp masking, Layers, Gaussian blur
Noise Reduction
LRGB Combine
Basic Levels and Curves - RGB
Basic Levels and Curves
More LRGB - Basics
Colour Calibration of Mono CCDs
Calibration Files
Producing Coloured Moon Images
Removing Patterned Interference From Images With FFT
Doug's Photoshop Processing - From The Beginning
Aligning and stacking with Nebulosity
Making 3D astro images
Maxim, creating calibration files and how to use them
Another layer mask tutorial
Creating a composite image using layer masks
Enhancing colour for LRGB images
Aligning Images from different cameras using MaximDL
Combing images of different brightness
Workflow for PixInsight Narrowband LRGB
Workflow for PixInsight HDR LRGB (HaRGB)
PixInsight Guide for Narrowband Bicolour Palette

Doug's Deep Sky Stacker Tutorial
Using Dark Frames With DSS
Stacking Multiple Sessions in DSS
Tutorial for Calibrating in DeepSkyStacker
Registering individual files using DSS

Handy Hints
Flat Frames, EL Panels & Field Illumination
Posting A Picture To The Shed
Averted Vision, How And Why
Custom Stellarium Landscapes
Star control using a Star Mask
Egg shaped stars when guiding, some hints to help sort them out

Guide Scope Rings, A Show & Review
Wayne Weedon Lifecam Adapter
Farpoint Astro Autocollimator

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