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Autofocuser To Quattro

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:35 pm
by Dion
The skywatcher autofocuser will fit to the new Quattro style focusers fairly easily with a little modification.

Firstly, take the original bracket and place it in a vice to flatten it as they have a slight curve in them at the axis marked 'D'

Next, in the vice again, make sure that angle 'C' is 90 degrees or near enough, the original isn't quite at 90.

Next, saw off a section of the bracket at point 'B' On the diagram it's already been sawn.

Now take a 4.5 mm drill and enlarge the two holes at 'A' You will also need to elongate these holes by maybe 2mm towards the centre so they are slightly slotted as the holes in the quattro focuser are slightly closer together:-


On the focuser, remove the 4 eisting bolts that hold the focus knob assembly on, two of these are marked 'E' These are recessed which means when fitting the focuser bracket, you are going to need longer ones, the type you need are button cap, 20mm M4, as you can see i've used stainless steel ones and have also replaced the opposite pair with stainless in the same length of the originals which are 12mm.

Also note the focuser control knob assembly has been rotated through 180 degrees, normally in this pic, the fine focus knob would be on the left, it just makes the whole thing tidier if you rotate it.


Finally, fit the motor, now here we have something really lucky that makes things a whole lot easier and neater. Grub screw 'H' below, holds the motor bush onto the motor shaft, there is a second grub screw to hold the bush onto the focuser spindle, how lucky would it be if that fell almost exactly under an existing hole in the focuser assembly at 'G' ;)


The hole at G originally is to access a grub screw that holds the original focuser knob to the spindle.

That's all there is to it!

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