GOTO scopes and the Sun - setting up

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GOTO scopes and the Sun - setting up

Postby Repairman » Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:57 pm

If you have a GOTO scope with a Red Dot finder and want to set it on the Sun (with a Sun filter in place of course) how do you do it?

You obviously wont want to look directly though the finder at the Sun, and any way the Red Dot will be completely unseen even with it's control turned to maximum brightness.

Just find a few Neutral Density filters and hold them in front of the finder, at the Sun end of course. You can then see the Sun, greatly reduced in brightness and also see the Red Dot. If you haven't got any ND filters then an old eclipse viewer or a layer or two of old black 35mm film (end of roll) will do; anything that cuts down the light enough. A piece of Mylar film from an old kids Helium balloon should work as well.

Tried it earlier, although the moment I got it showing in the eyepiece the cloud came over.

It's true... Necessity is the mother of invention. ;)


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