Mosaics pt 2

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Mosaics pt 2

Postby martin_h » Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:17 pm

Now that you have masterd 2 panel mosaics :D time to move on to 3 or more!! :-?

The hardest thing about BIG mosaics is keeping track of where you have got to and where you need to go next. EQMosaic is one way but not everyone has it, so this is what I do.
On an A4 sheet draw a rectangular grid and number the rows 1,2,3,4 etc and the columns A,B,C etc or whatever you like just to keep track of what is going on.
Mark the centre of the grid with the first image 'E4' or whatever it is. now what I do is to note the RA and DEC coordinates and put them in the grid.
The first image is usualy easy because it starts with a known object and is easy to find with GOTO but when you move away from this its not so easy to find again. You can get the coords from the handset or what ever you are using to drive the mount, so that if you have to go back to that spot you will be in the ballpark at least, and not have to hunt around trying to find the spot again.
When I save the images from capture I put them in a folder labled with the paper grid coordinates, so the first one might be 'Bubble E4' and when I move down a frame the next one will be 'Bubble E5' and so on.

When I need to go back to a position or start a new one on a different day I go back to the last good position and then load a previous capture and scale it to be the same as the capture image, take a good look at that image and try to identify an object or grouping of stars or a huge star(easy!)
Put the Reticule over that position and start the looping captures and look for that object on the screen, once you have found it move the mount to get it under the cross hair. Now either carry on with the capture or use that to get to the next frame on the list.

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