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Two Webcams Simultaneously?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:20 pm
by Dion
The question has arisen on the board, can two webcams be used simultaneously on the same PC, so, I decided to test the possibility. Since the most popular webcam for astrophotography is the SPC900 I decided to try with two of those for the first test.

Plugged in the first webcam, it initialised and worked fine, plugged in the second.... BANG!! Blue screen of death in XP with a plug and play error. At this point though, a possible theory, normally, USB devices use a unique identifier, for instance, you can plug in two USB memory sticks, or two USB hubs without problem. This is only a theory, but is it possible that because my two SPC900's were formerly SPC 800's and firmware flashed to SPC900's, that because the same firmware bin file was used, that this also gave them the same identifier? Maybe, maybe not. So....

Test two

How about we take an SPC880, which has the SPC880 firmware in it, and and SPC900 which are actually, as far as hardware is concerned, exactly the same camera, only the firmware is different.

So, in with the SPC880, which is the same as an SPC900, but with different firmware, but likes to confuse things even more because it uses a toucam PCVC750K driver!

So, to elaborate, it's an SPC880, that is really the same as an SPC900 but with different firmware, but windows sees it as a 750K :ugeek:

Right, so we plug in the 88-0 and the 900, no blue screen. It will also allow us to open both cameras simultaneously in "my computer" :-


The one on the right WAS showing pictures too but it's a complication with screen grabs that has caused it to appear black, all down to different screen layers, needless to say, they both worked.

Would sharpcap allow me to run two instances of itself with the two cameras? I started up one instance, then tried another, no joy, sharpcap gave error messages, so that one was out.

How about running an instance of sharpcap and an instance of wxastrocapture?


Well, I guess that works!!!!

The only reason one of them appears a little blurred is that it's one of my reboxed cams and I didn't take the time to focus it, however, the conclusion of the test is, that yes, you can run two webcams, probably not of the same make and model though. All in all, a worthwhile test I think.

Re: Two Webcams Simultaneously?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:01 pm
by Dion
Further info and an amendment :-