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THREE New PixInsight Tutorials on Light Vortex Astronomy

PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:59 pm
by Gib007
The three new PixInsight tutorials on Light Vortex Astronomy are as follows:

- Cropping and Resizing Images:
This tutorial goes over how to use the DynamicCrop and Crop processes to crop images (including rotation) and give them borders. Moreover, the Resample process is covered to resize images.

- Stretching Linear Images to Non-linear:
This tutorial goes over how to stretch linear images to a non-linear state, using the AdaptiveStretch, AutoHistogram, HistogramTransformation and MaskedStretch processes.

- Touching Up Colour in Images:
This tutorial goes over enhancing saturation for selected colours and overall. Moreover, the hue shift procedure is covered, which is particularly important for tweaking the colour palette in narrowband images. The processes covered are ColorSaturation and CurvesTransformation.