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New PixInsight Tutorial on Noise Reduction with 4 Processes

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:46 am
by Gib007
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This PixInsight tutorial covers the very important procedure of noise reduction, exploring one of PixInsight's core strengths. Four processes are covered in detail, namely - MultiscaleLinearTransform, MultiscaleMedianTransform, ACDNR and TGVDenoise. Specific instructions and applicable examples are given to guide the reader through the use of each process. Monochrome and colour images are both covered.

- Changed tutorial to cover MultiscaleLinearTransform instead of ATrousWaveletTransform, since the former works identically using the Starlet transform algorithm and the latter is being phased out to obsolete by the PixInsight developers.
- Added brief discussion of each of the algorithms provided by both MultiscaleLinearTransform and MultiscaleMedianTransform.
- Added a fifth section to cover extraction of wavelet layers from an image to analyse noise at different scales.