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Postby Dion » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:44 pm

For those who dont know, one of our own (Richard Bailey) is in need. Richard has been part of the astro community for as long as I remember, if you dont know the name hes the one who does a lot of outreach, moon and solar pics and lives on a canal boat.

Some time ago Richard got that news none of us wants to hear. What started as prostate cancer has now gone into his bones! Although I left the hobby I still chat to Richard on a regular basis. He has one of the nicest souls of anyone I have ever met and would do anything for anybody.

Richard ended up immobile and living on a canal boat alone meant he has ended up hospitalised. His major worry, and his anchor to home was his two dogs. A small group of us has been doing what we can for him and his dogs, but its now getting hard. We now have a crowdfuning page set up to keep Richards dogs and also help out with the personal things and little pleasures that would normally be covered by family in such situations.

This is the link to the crowdfunding page

https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding ... =kewmJ64ep

If anyone is friendly with Richard and maybe wants to cheer him up a bit, this is his facebook id


Thank you in advance to anyone who can contribute or help in any way.

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