Why to say galaxies could not form in big bang framework

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Why to say galaxies could not form in big bang framework

Postby bps267890 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:13 am

We often say that the galaxies came from agglomerates of highly uniform material after big bang under the action of self-gravity, this sounds plausible, but on reflection this argument is not valid. First of all, we should recognize that in the isotropic space whose material uniformly distribute the gravitational phenomena can not exist . The reason is very simple, in this space the resultant of gravitational force in all directions for any particle is zero, the particle is actually under the free state of thermal motion. In other words, gravitational phenomenon only belongs to the behavior of agglomerate material, and gravitational phenomenon does not exist if universal material does not agglomerate. Note that here the particles can be molecular, atomic, nuclear or other. Secondly, we should also understand the existence of diffusion phenomena between substances, namely material can actively transport from a high concentration’s region to a region of low concentration, the higher temperature is, the more significant diffusion’s trend is. The effect of material diffusion make material distribution more uniform. According to the big bang theory, in the early universe the uniformity of material distribution was very high therefore it was impossible there existed significant gravitational phenomena, actually the gather of matter could not achieve. Even if some accidental factors made the distribution of material somewhere in the universe slightly deviated from the uniform state, this significant effect of diffusion would eliminate the deviation at once, and the distribution tends to balance and the gravitational phenomenon could not appear yet, the effect of diffusion has been in a dominant position all along, so we say the galaxies could not form in the big bang framework.
The effect of diffusion make material distribution tend uniform, and in the uniform space there is no gravitational phenomenon, this is the key basis of understanding material could not agglomerate in the big bang framework. Most of cosmologists are always ignoring the diffusion effect of substances and especially can not understand the destructiveness of diffusion to gravitational action, so the given mechanism of galaxy formation is certainly wrong. Note that the expansion of the universe only can delay the gather of material but not prevent the gather, it is the diffusion effect that fundamentally prevents material gather. That is to say, if the material distribution is uniform, then can only be more even, which is consistent with the second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics tells us that any natural process is a process from order to disorder, namely the entropy increase process. And the process of galaxy formation given by big bang theory is a process from the thermal motion of the disordered state to the orderly mechanical motion, so we say that the the process galaxy formation of big bang theory went against the laws of thermodynamics. Then, how did galaxies form after all? We say the galaxy formed from gradual growth rather than the gather of existent material after big bang. Please see the present author’s recent paper ‘Modification of Field Equation and Return of Continuous Creation----- Galaxies Form from Gradual Growth Instead of Gather of Existent Matter’ . In the paper systematically discusses the galaxy formation process, and criticizes the errors in big bang theory from different angles with a large number of facts.

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Re: Why to say galaxies could not form in big bang framework

Postby jjb2011 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:10 pm

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