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Postby Dion » Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:33 pm

This was suggested by another member and it's a good idea, this will be a list of astronomy abbreviations, I'll start it off, anyone else feel free to add more and as it progresses, either I or a mod will copy/paste any additions into this post until we have one long list, and then probably alphabetize it as well, please add yours in the same format as above so it's easier to copy/paste into a single :-

0111= Oxygen111 (filter)

AP = Astro Photography

Apo = Apochromatic refractor

Bahtinov = A patterned 'mask' that is put in front of scope to assist in achieving perfect focus (removed when focused), named after inventor Pavel Bahtinov.

Bayer Mask = Coloured filters infront of camera pixels to give coloured image.

Bins = Binoculars

BRB = An Aardvarkism for Be Right Back

CCD = charged coupled-device (type of sensor used in imaging cameras)

CME = Coronal Massive Ejection, outburst from increased solar activity responsible for the aurorae

CMOS = complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (type of sensor used in imaging cameras)

Dec = Declination

Deconvolution = a process used in image processing to help reverse the effects of optical distortion.

Differential Flexture = The result of one part of a telescope system being rigid and another moving slightly in relation to it, very noticable when applied to guiding during imaging.

DOB = Dobsonian Telescope

DSO = Deep Space Object

DSS= Deep Sky Stacker

Eclipic = An imaginary line that the Sun and planets seem to take as they move across the sky.

EP = Eye Piece

ER = Eye Relief

FMC = Fully Multi Coated

FOV = Field of View

GEM = German Equatorial Mount (also known as EQ mount)

Ha = Hydrogen alpha ( filter)

Hartmann Mask = alternative focusing tool, like a Bahtinov Mask

HDR = High Dynamic Range

Hubble Colours = Artificially coloured image using Ha S2 and O111 Filters instead of RGB

Hz = Frequency in cycles per second or Hertz, or it could mean Habitable Zone - that region around a star where planetery orbits allow surface temperature compatible with life as we know it !

ISS = International Space Station

LGM = Little Grey (or Green) Men

LP = Light Pollution

LRGB = Luminance, Red, Green, Blue

Mak or MCT = Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

Meridian = An imaginary line that runs from due north to south.

Meridian Flip = A defined point for the limits of east or west side viewing where in order to prevent damage to the equipment caused by hitting the pier or tripod the mount is stopped and its direction is reversed, effectively the mount moves so the telescope and weights are now opposite side to where they were.

MN = Maksutov Newtonian

Mono = Black and white image or camera

Mr Blobby = The Moon (Shed colloquial talk)

NGC = New General Catologue (Deep sky chart)

OAG = Off Axis Guiding

OSC = One Shot Colour (camera)

OTA = Optical Tube Assembly

P.E.C. = Periodic Error Correction done by the mounts compter program "learing the frequency of the error and then correcting the drive motion.
Periodic Error = A repeating error caused by imperfections in mounts worm drive gear.

PI = Pixinsight

PN = Planetary Nebula

PS = Photoshop

PST = Personal Solar Telescope

RA = Right Ascension

RCT = Ritchey Chretien Telescope

RDF = Red Dot Finder is a zero magnification device that superimposes a small dot on a glass plate in line with the optical axis of the telescope and is used to align a telescope with its target.

RGB = Red, Green, Blue

S2 = (filter)

SCT = Schmidt–Cassegrain Telescope

UFO = Chinese Lantern/Venus/Sirius/oncoming aircraft - almost certainly NOT an alien spacecraft!

UT = Universal Time

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