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Mesu mount

Postby paraman » Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:49 pm

Keeping an eye as you do about things astronomical on other forums I've been following a few threads on Mesu mounts mostly about them playing up and being shall we say not an easy fix. They cost roughly as much as a second hand Honda CRV. I bought a crv a few years back with 60k on the clock and proceeded to put a further 60k on it. The only reason that I traded it in for a Subaru legacy was my dog was finding it difficult to get in and the Subaru was much lower. During its 60 k with me it went wrong exactly never, not once did it miss a beat.
Back to the mesu, if you gave me one I would sell it the same day, ugly, looks like it was built in a shed, unfriendly and thats an understatement software a twat to sort out issues with. Call me old fashioned but my trusty Heq5 with sgp is online and imaging within 10 minutes of power up, the software is straightforward, it guides for hours on end with virtually no dropped subs, bit like a honda it just works.
That'll be me off the Mesu owners christmas card list but am I bovvered :lol:

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