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sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:24 am
by galileo
Ok , got a brand new scope burning a hole to get outside...........

The forecast isn't brilliant, Sat24 is the most promising, other astro forecasts vary from fair to mediocre and it's been sunny all day. It's a first quarter moon and the humidity is adding to the already soaking grass. The forecast from here is even worse for the foreseeable future so let's get set up, Hey, what's there to lose? Let's clutch at those straws. :happydance:

So set up, brand new 115 perfectly polar aligned with new NB filters and ready to go. If I can achieve focus, check the spacing on the reducer, align the rdf and try the PA routine on Sharpcap Pro then I will consider the evening a success, best set your expectations low so you're not disappointed.

So the neighbours cat seems to like strolling up and down the their garden and setting off their new 1 million watt security light :thumbsup:
Next thing I notice a strange mist, it's smoke coming from neighbours wood burner and because the air is still it's just gathering in a layer above me. :happydance:
Can see cloud now encroaching from NW while half way through the Sharp Cap PA routine, it plate solved very quickly but clouded out before I could complete it. This feature looks amazing, does exactly the same as Polemaster without spending 300 quid, it uses your finder / guider or main scope in my case.

So do you now sit there and wait to see if it clears ? The age old dilemma. When |I inspected the scope on packing up, I discovered a nice sooty layer on the lens from the wood burner :thumbsup: So as these seem to be the fashion these days, they could drive imagers out from cities into the countryside just when you thought you'd overcome the LP problem with NB filters :rofl:

Re: sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:37 am
by ringway9
Hi David,
very familiar, as if we didn't have enough to cope with trying to find minimum 2 hour slots in this weather the trend for MW security lights is ever increasing.
One of my neighbours has built a 'cabin' with permanent outside lighting (no planning permission of course) and balks when asked to turn them off.
We are generally very resilient and optimistic people in this hobby but sometimes the external factors just start to wear you down.

Good luck with the new scope by the way :thumbsup:

Re: sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:41 pm
by rwillits
I checked out your new telescope at the Altair Astro site. It looks like a beautiful piece of machinery and has everything that you could wish for. :)

Re: sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:42 am
by galileo
Thanks John + Richard, it got first proper light Sunday night so will post image soon.

Re: sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:22 am
by Mrs Mangel
New 'scopes are almost guaranteed to ruin the weather. So are eclipses and major meteor showers. I'm hoping to catch some Leonids on camera but missed the peak last night due to weather.

Re: sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:22 pm
by galileo
was out with the new scope last night, after an hour the subs were coming in increasingly fuzzy so i kept turning up the dew control until eventually I gave up really puzzled and a bit cheeesed off to say the least.

As I packed up I realised that the dew shield had slipped down as the scope got near to pointing at the zenith therefore the dew strap was nowhere near the lens cell aarrrrgghhhhh :stick:

Re: sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:44 pm
by julianr
my Borg's dewshield can do that so it is duck taped now

Re: sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:37 am
by jjb2011
That is a good idea, duct tape the dew shield onto the scope - In my obs, when using my 250mm Meade I need the shield as the computer screen can scatter a lot of light around. However I keep knocking it off !
My problem this week has been tracking. For some reason, the tracking seems to have gone faulty and I get star trails even at 2 minutes subs. Tried rebalancing, which has improved it a bit but still there. With a recent update to Windows 10, I can't guide, as my guide scope utilises a Mintron video camera with a video grabber but I discovered that my grabber software is not compatible with windows 10 so I need to get a new grabber - Doh ! I do have a Image source DMK camera that I use for planetary work but I can't seem to get this to work with PHD 2 for guiding. It has been one issue after another this week !


Re: sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:53 pm
by Mrs Mangel
Tell me about it! My Phillips DPC8800 doesn't work on Windows 8 or Windows 10.

To use my original DSLR, I must start up am antique Windows 7 system ...

Re: sound familiar ?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:30 am
by rwillits
David, your avatar does fit this post. When this post moves into oblivion, or Christmas is over, get a happier Galileo.

If this was easy, everyone would be doing it. :)