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Re: Advice re telescope or mount

Postby mightymonoped » Sat Oct 10, 2020 8:50 am

Demon wrote:Really appreciate the detailed reply thanks very much.
I'm still learning - when the sky lets me - keeping enthusiasm up is difficult.
I seem to fix one problem only to find the next, there's a lot to be said for smaller and lighter.
Friction and stictions are much lower and the system is easier to work on.
I think guiding generally works on good clean rigs and wider field is more forgiving. Think I still have some mechanical issues.
- need to do a full strip down...
The asiair(rpi) is clearly a great all in one product.
I'm my own worst enemy as I like putting it all together myself (I thought...) I've a mini pc with phd, sharpcap and apt on - that thankfully works well. My polarcam is my guidecam with cctv lens on which is great. Etc...
I'm surprised your up to 120s or more but glad and impressed to know.
Think I just need to persevere. But really helps to see and hear about how others succeed, especially as you say where some may think it shouldn't work as well.
Great rig and fantastic results - well done.
I do also watch lots on YouTube which is great - just found a slightly strange but interesting one called astrobiscuit.
Was out last night practising the process - polar alignment, focusing, guiding, lights, darks, biases & flats...
Maybe this winter will bring me better results - fingers crossed.
Whatever works for you and gives you the most enjoyment, that’s the way to go. [emoji4]

Personally, I have found the ZWO ASIair Pro to be a complete game changer, in terms of reducing the amount of equipment I need. This allows me to concentrate on the sky rather than coordinating 3 different applications/laptop/power.

Clear skies,

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