Thinking of arranging a star party

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Re: Thinking of arranging a star party

Postby galileo » Sat Jul 06, 2019 8:54 pm

Cheers Matt, I will count you as the first 'shedder' on board :thumbsup:

carastro wrote:
Can you please point him to this thread?

I don't think he is a member on this forum, I found his post on SGL. I have private messaged him, but so far he has not replied, so maybe he has already given up.

Just one question as a well seasoned astro camper. Will you be taking your own power with you, or will there be electric hook up.

Otherwise you'll have to take your own including what you need for everything else, cooking, fridges, laptops, etc etc.

We have no entertainment, because this is a small private group, and we sometimes have to share the small campsite with non Astro people, who are generally very interested in what we are doing. We do of course help each other to learn, or sort problems out. Sometimes there are only 2 of us and sometimes there can be 6 or 7 of us, it varies. I have on a couple of occasions even gone on my own if no-one is available that weekend or I want to go earlier than other people.


I've got an SGL profile Carole but I'm keen to keep this on the Astronomy Shed for people with Astronomy Shed profiles only hopefully creating some more traffic on this forum. So maybe you could give this little venture a big boost by directing people here with your highly respected presence on other forums :praying:

On the subject of power, there is none currently provided for campers but as I said , the land owner is keen to accommodate this so I will discuss this with her. I think initially best to assume that you would have to be self sufficient in the power department. I'm sure recharging of batteries etc during the day won't be a problem.

I think the way you run your astro camp is exactly how this will run initially, very informal meeting up of imagers and see if it morphs into something bigger, I'm quite excited at the prospect.

Thanks Peter, member #2 :thumbsup: be great to have you there though I'm guessing you'd pop back home rather than pitching a tent ;)

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Re: Thinking of arranging a star party

Postby carastro » Sun Jul 07, 2019 12:08 am

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