RULES (please read before posting)


Firstly, a huge welcome to Astronomy Shed, as this site is new there are bound to be a couple of minor niggles and errors, if you find something that doesn't work how you expect it to, please drop a private message to the admin so that we can get it sorted out, all new sites have teething troubles and I don't expect this one to be the exception.

Thank You

Not many rules really, us astro people tend to be very well behaved and I hope most will be self governing.


1) NO RELIGION: Religion and astronomy when put together usually result in heated debate that quickly deteriorates.

2) NO PERSONAL INSULTS: Absolutely no insulting and derogatory posts to other members. Any potential conflict or anything that 'could' become a heated disagreement should be taken to PM

3) LANGUAGE: We're all adults here and anyone can tolerate the odd 'bloody' or 'bugger', but there are certain letters of the alphabet that should be left out!

4) PERSONAL ISSUES: If any members of this board have personal issues with any other members, please leave them at the door.

5) RESPECT: Please treat all users of this board with the modicum of respect you, yourself expect to be treated with by others.

6) A sense of humour is compulsory! Too many astronomy forums are lacking in this area. ;)

7) Buying/Selling. The board has a dedicated 'classifieds' section for buying and selling astronomy related items only. You will be granted access to that and other sections when you hit 10 or more posts. Strictly NO selling/buying advertisements are to be placed in other sections to circumvent the classifieds section.

8) No links to commercial sites in members signatures.

9) Absolutely NO commercial posts by commercial organisations, ie retailers, traders etc of a commercial nature without prior permission of the admins. We do not allow unapproved commercial postings, any violations and the post will be removed and you face a permanent ban! We are not your free advertising board. This includes using a company name as your user name.

10) NO SITE SPAMMING: Yes you have your own website and thats great, however the shed is not an advertising bulletin board where you can spam post all over the place with your site URL, especially if you provide very little by way of input, for instance, unecessarrily high volumes of single sentence posts with a link to your site will be removed and you face being placed on moderator approval for any future posts.

If anything else occurs that is glaringly obvious that I seem to have omitted, rules will be added and notice of rule change posted.
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